Flea Market Finds Update!

Lots of great primitive goods can now be found under "Finds" including seasonal treasures, hooked rugs and mats, Netty LaCroix originals, wood bowls, great wire and metal finds, and flower frogs galore! And don't forget ~ shipping charges in excess of $2.00 are refunded.

  Delicious September!

“I love best to have each thing in its season…”

 ~ Henry David Thoreau ~

As much as I long for the gifts of my garden in the silent, white, winter months, like Thoreau, I, too, prefer to have each thing in its season.  For if I had summer’s bright flowers growing outside my door every day of the year, I would not have the joy of finding acorns nestled in the grass at the foot of the oak that grows in our field.  Nor would I see hoar frost lacing the branches of the old crab apple tree.  And I would have to forfeit the smell of leaves mouldering along the edge of the woods and rose hips brightening in the thicket.  I would have to do without pumpkins and cornstalks and a hearty fire crackling on the grate.  And that just wouldn’t do….

"As long as this exists…and I may live to see it, this sunshine, the cloudless skies, while this lasts, I cannot be unhappy…  As long as this exists, and it certainly always will, I know that then there will always be comfort for every sorrow, whatever the circumstances may be. And I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.”

“The Diary of a Young Girl,” Anne Frank

Early Work Mercantile Offerings

Please visit my EWM page where I’ve listed some velvet and wool pumpkins and two wonderful old yellow-ware bowls.

  In Closing...

I’m working on a Flea Market Finds update for sometime this month!  Watch for an email when it is ready.  I'll also post on Facebook.  And look for a new pattern next month!  Until then, I wish you many a pleasant September hour…

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