Summertime Greetings...

“Summer afternoon ~ summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”

 ~Henry James~


Ah, the good ol’ summertime! What comes to mind when you hear that phrase? Perhaps lemonade, parades, picnics, barbecues, and swimming at one of those little lakes tucked amidst rental cabins with outdoor loos? My thoughts of summertime always hark back to my childhood ~ running through the sprinkler ~ afternoons spent sitting in the shade on the front porch waiting for the ice cream man to come through the neighborhood ~ can you hear him ringing the bells on his pedal cart? Freeze pops, bomb pops, push-ups and dreamsicles! Lunch and supper at the picnic table in the backyard ~ evening games of kick-the-can. Did you walk to the corner store (ours was a White Hen Pantry) and buy candy (two for a penny) and comic books with your allowance? Did you take pleasure in splashing through puddles after a rain shower? Did you, too, dry cattails so you could light them on a summer night? Just the tip, mind you, and you had a magic wand to pen your name against the inky sky. Blow on the tip and it sent a shower of sparks floating out in the dark. Remember baby doll pajamas and sleeping with the doors and windows wide open and a fan blowing out one of them in order to pull in the cool night air through the others? No air conditioner in those days. If we couldn’t sleep my mom would tell us to lay real still and we’d feel the breeze ~ and yes, indeed, there it was ~ barely perceptible. It would float across our bare arms and legs and we’d drift off to sleep, smelling of sunshine and cattails…  


Early Work Mercantile

 Take a peek at my Early Work Mercantile page where I've listed 2 small antique samplers and one amazing antique strawberry make-do pincushion. Oh ~ and while cleaning I came across a little bag with a handful of tiny wooden signs I made a year or so ago, so I’ve listed those, too!    

In the Works...

My Flea Market Finds pages will reopen in the next week or two. I’m loading lots of fresh items for your consideration!  And I’m almost finished with a new punch needle pattern!  Watch for a newsletter announcing both events soon.

Until next month, my friends, enjoy these blessed, early days of summer! 




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