May Greetings!

“The first warm buds that break their covers,
The first young twigs that burst in green,
The first blade that the sun discovers,
Starting the loosened earth between.”


The first of May has a decidedly damp, chilly attitude ~ a repeat of nearly all the days we have seen throughout March and April.  But nevermind, my thoughts are in the days ahead ~ not too far away now, surely ~ when the air will turn balmy and my hands will dig deep in the soil, planting herbs and flowers for this season’s pleasure.  I look forward to the bright faces of marigolds and zinnias and the warm, sweet taste of tomatoes right off the vine.  I look forward to the fragrance of herbs floating on the air after a summer shower.  And gentle blooms of light as fireflies bob and dance about the garden at dusk.  Soon…soon…

“The flush of branches with fair blossoms,
The deepening of the faint green boughs,
As leaf by leaf the crown grows fuller
That binds the young Spring’s rosy brows.”

Edith Wharton, “Spring Song”, 1878

A Delay…

I sincerely apologize for not having finished the pattern I teased you with last month.  Time simply got away from me.  I promise to do better in the coming days.  I have so many ideas!  Now, if I could just find more time in the day!

An Update…

So many of you wrote after I shared the story of the little finch that took shelter on my porch, that I felt I must give you an update.  First and foremost, Miss Finch is not a finch at all, but a sparrow! But since she was christened Miss Finch, Miss Finch she remains.  The dear girl is fully recovered aside from a few tousled feathers atop her head.  And I have the loveliest news – she has a beau!  They are so sweet together.  She has taught him to seek shelter among the garden urns at the first sign of danger and it is funny to see them scamper there on the double-quick.  I don’t know what they see that scares them, but when one makes a beeline, the other follows.  They spend a good part of the day on my porch but must have a nearby nest where they spend their nights.  Perhaps in the coming months I will get to see some of their young!

 Sincerest thanks for the good thoughts you sent Miss Finch’s way.  My heart is full of gratitude to you.




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Until next month, my friends, I wish you many pleasant hours and a blessed and happy Mother’s Day!

 As Ever,




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