Antique Sewing Goods Lot

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Wonderful trio includes a worn velvet pincushion, a wee alphabet sampler, and an old tracing wheel. 

The pincushion (4” x 3.25”) has lovely muted velvets – well-worn and buttery soft.  You can see traces of red in the dark brown band. The back is cotton with evidence of hand stitching and a nice, little mend at one corner. Not sure what it is filled with but it has a good, lumpy, old feel to it.

The wee, antique alphabet sampler is worked in blue, yellow, pink, and brown silk threads.  The linen above the letters N-O-P and between the Q and R is worn thin. A tiny treasure, it measures 6”w x 1.75”h.

The old tracing wheel has a black wood handle.  It is well used and rusty, but still quite sturdy.  It is 5.5” long.

This trio would look terrific displayed in an old basket with other needlework treasures!

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