RARE Old French Milliner's Head

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I hate to get rid of this old girl, but I’ve run out of room and it is a shame to keep her in a cupboard where she cannot be admired.  Amazing, RARE, paper mache miller’s head with folky facial features.  Original paint. Kidskin covering at back of head is peeling and there are condition issues, as you can see.  If you are like me, her obvious age and condition only add to her charm.  She has a green bust with a hole in the back, into which a weight would have been placed to keep her still when in use.  She stands just fine and is quite sturdy despite her condition.  These original heads are just so hard to find.  I am selling her for quite a bit less than what I paid in the hope she finds a new home with someone who will love and appreciate her.  15.5”h.

  • $350.00