Marie Noguere Sampler - SOLD

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Such a beautiful alphabet at the top of this sampler!  I wish our stitcher had finished all the letters in the alphabet. The decorative alphabet is followed by a standard version as well as Marie's name and "AGEDE 11."  There are some unfinished motifs in the lower left and a large motif in the lower right that has been pulled out. The threads have bled in the letter B (lower left) and there is a small hole between the decorative B & C. There are also a couple of holes where the large motif was pulled out in the lower right.  There is some staining/discoloration to the linen, particularly along the top hemline. Worked in red and white cotton threads with just a wee bit of white silk for the partial alphabet in the lower right.  Hemmed on top and bottom.  The sides are selvage.  It was hemmed rather unevenly, resulting in the left side being taller than the right.  It measures 21.25"w x 10"h on the left.

I am not absolutely positive that Noguere is Marie's last name because the spacing is inconsistent between the letters but could not find a translation for the word beside "walnuts" - LOL!  So Miss Noguere it is!

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