Miss Wietem's Poor Old Sampler - SOLD

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Miss Weitem's poor old sampler certainly has seen better days!  Central to the design is a motif of Joshua & Caleb bearing their large bunch of grapes.  They are flanked by a variety of floral motifs, birds, and a peacock.  Above this, Miss Wietem has worked alphabets and numbers.  The names C.A. Wietem and K.A. Wietem are worked in red and pink threads at the bottom, along with the date 1871.  The lighter threads have faded considerably and there are obvious losses/holes in the linen as well as losses to the threads.  It is a dilapidated sampler, to be sure!  Nonetheless, I love how the faded peach, pink, and celery threads look with the darker red.  The sampler was likely framed and lovingly displayed at one time and a paper backing remains on parts of the underside.  It measures 11.5" square. 

(Please note, I show Miss Wietem's sampler sitting on top of another sampler, which is not included in this listing.)   

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