Vintage Silk Embroidery Thread - A Dozen Skeins - Seda Filoflosse

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Beautiful, vintage cream colored silk embroidery floss.  Each bundle contains one dozen skeins and each skein is 4 meters long (just over 4 yards).  That’s over 48 yards of 6 strand floss per bundle! The silk has a beautiful sheen and the labels are lovely.  Printed in Spanish, they contain washing instructions that translate loosely to: 

"In a lot of water, not very hot, with good soap, add a little coarse salt.  Dry immediately.  Avoid soda.  Rinse promptly and drain well."

Also found on the label wrapped around the bundle is: SEDA FILOFLOSSE, lavable (washable), Art. 9, La Religiosa, 12 Madejas de 4 Metros, Seda natural, Fabricacion Francesca.

Each skein is labeled with the number 201, probably associated with the color.  The bundles can be separated into individual 4 meter skeins, each with its own paper label.  Wouldn't they make lovely gifts for your stitching friends?

You get one bundle of 12 skeins, as shown.

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